Mr Ishak Alias.

Soil Surveyor

Ir Choo 

Environmental Specialist

Working on Environmental Project 

GPT and SEGI Consultancy

​​"With precision we provide solution"


Dr Saim Suratman, Director

Professional Geologist 


Mr Ameer

Forestry and GPS Specialist

Mr Ismail adnan

GIS (arc gis) & fORESTRY 

University Putra Malaysia.

Having served for 30 years in the University Putra Malaysia as lecturer and project manager in forestry GIS , he has acquired plentiful of knowledge in developing GIS database and application in forest management and monitoring. 

​Mr Ismail graduated from University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, in Master of Forestry.and from University of Washington, USA in Bachelor of Forestry.

While working as lecturer, he acquired knowledge in application of Remote Sensing and GIS application of Forestry. Thus, he developed several projects such as Computer Aided forest harvesting, Forest management planning and Logging and Road Planning.

Dr Hj Esmawi Othman

​Agriculture Specialist & Marketing 

Mr Ishaq

Forestry and GIS Specialist

Dr Eyad Hamed 

Business Development Manager


Mr Hanif 

Senior IT Manager 

Mr Nuhairi

Forestry and Remote Sensing Specialist 

Mr Ali Hamid 

Marketing Manager 


Mr Halim GHani

Soil Scientist

Sr Rohaizad 

Land Surveyor

Mr Luqman 

Forestry and Drone Specialist


Mr Rehmen

​Electronic Specialist

Tn Hj Khairiddin Tahir

Planning and Rice Plantation Management Specialist

Mr Aziz

Oil Palm Plantation Advisor, had forty one years of experience in the oil palm Plantation industry

Datuk Jabar Bin Shiek Mohidin

Planning and Management Specialist

Mr Anas Ahmad 

Principle Cuonsultant  

Mr Mohd Sam Manaf

IT Specialist

Mr Zulfiqar Computer Programmer

Dato Wan Deraman Abdullah

Development Planning and Rice Estate Management

Mr Al Mahal 

Regional Manager 


Mr Ebe 

Environmental Specialist and GIS 


Dr Jasmi A. Talib

Mineral and GeoScience  Specialist

Geoprecision Tech sdn bhd provide several services such as Geoprecision tech oil palm, Geoprecision tech uav service, Geoprecision tech soil mapping, Geoprecision tech oil palm, geoprecision tech forestry and geoprecision tech environmental planning. All geoprecision tech are based on ICT and Geospatial technologies. Geoprecision tech doing research, developing applications and providing consultancy services using technologies of  Remote sensing GIS and GPS for agriculture, forestry, Environmental monitoring, mapping and survey.  In agriculture, GeoPrecision Tech oil palm plantation management team has several experts and consultants doing agronomy consulting and providing services for oil plantation management in plantation inventory and auditing, designing new plantation, redesigning for replanting oil palm and rubber plantation, mapping and monitoring of palm crop health, palm tree diseases mapping and monitoring and oil palm yield prediction.

(soil mapping, Geoprecision tech uav services, geoprecision tech oil palm)

​In Forestry, Geoprecision Tech forestry management team provide services in database development for forest plantation, forest road planning, forest fire reporting system, peat swamp forest fire near-real time reporting system, illegal logging reporting system,  plantation forest near-real time reporting system. biodiversity tracking system, forest tourism tracking system, forest park tracking system. and Forest GIS mapping system, environmental planning, uav services for oil palm, and uav forestry.


Gs Dr Alias Mohd Sood 


University Putra Malaysia

Having served the Department of Forestry and followed by serving as a senior lecturer at University Putra Malaysia, he acquired plenty of high quality and applicable knowledge in both remote sensing and GIS for forestry applications.He has developed several models: such as-

- Identification of tree species based on Lithology type using geographic information system;

​- Hyperspectral remote sensing for mangrove inventory

​- Peatwatch reporting system using ICT, GIS and Google technologies

- Balakwatch reporting system using ICT, GIS, GPS and Google technologies




Dr Bruce Forster has wide experiences in geospatial technologies.. Undertaken a wide range of consulting, training and advisory projects in the fields of remote sensing, resource monitoring, environmental management, land administration, land evaluation and LIS/ for a range of organisations including the United Nations, AUSAID, Asian Development Bank, Australian Space Office, BHP and for government and academic organisations in Australia, China, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Greece, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines.  Member of expert 

​Over a period of forty years have supervised and co-supervised a wide range of Doctoral and Masters students.  Topics have ranged over radar remote sensing for biomass estimation, coral reef monitoring, probability maps for GIS, land information systems, application of high resolution image and radar data for urban, forestry and coastal applications and a range of land and environmental applications of remote sensing.  

Geoprecision Tech Uav Services



Dr Laili Nordin started his carrier in the Department of Agriculture Malaysia, and continued his study in The United States of America, and was promoted to higher post at the Malaysian Centre for Remote Sensing under the Ministry of Sciences, Technology and Innovation, geoprecision tech oil palm, geoprecision tech forestry, geoprecision tech oil palm plantation.

Having served for 30 years in the government department, he has acquired plentiful of research knowledge in application of Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS technologies for Natural Resources Management, including precision Farming, Fish forecasting, forestry, Geology, and Plantation management.

Running several companies since 2008, he has developed and implement several remote sensing, GIS and GPS for oil palm plantation mapping, plantation design plantation inventory for Felda, Felcra, Tradewings, MPOB, Kulim Plantation and several plantations in Sabah, Sarawak  and Sumatra.

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