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Geoprecision TECH: Hyperspectral Data services

Geoprecision tech provide hyperspectral data capturing services for oil palm plantation, forestry and other applications. hyperspectral data for oil palm application, We also do hyperspectral data processing training, and

There are many applications which can take advantage of hyperspectral remote sensing:

a- Commercial: mineral exploration, agriculture and forest production
b- Ecology: chlorophyll, leaf water, cellulose, pigmemts, lignin
c- Geology: mineral and soil types
d- Coastal Waters: chlorophyll, phytoplankton, dissolved organic  materials, suspended sediments
e- Biomass Burning: sub-pixel temperatures, smoke

In agriculture, we have tested the application of hyperspectral data for monitoring and mapping ganoderma infested oil palm plantation.

Hyperspectral Sensor

Hyperspectral Data of Forest Vegetation

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Ganoderma Infested Oil Palm Plantation, monitored by using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, airborne Platform

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