Conversion DSM tData to DTM Data 

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Satellite Imagery 
Geoprecision Tech does special image processing to extract information from satellite for GIS database development. Most common image processing for satellite imagery that we do is supervised classification in which a user selected a sampling of pixels for which the user knows the type (vegetation species, land use, etc). Using a classification algorithm, remote sensing software such as ERDAS or ENVI classifies a digital image into these named categories based on the sample pixels. In contrast to the other methods discussed, supervised classification results in a raster dataset.

a) We do table digitizing for paper map.  

b) Screen Digitizing 
Most activities for data conversion Geoprecision tech does screen digitizing, where the data source comes from digital imagery and large format scanners,  aerial photograph, etc. The features of interest are traced from the image. The level of accuracy of the derived dataset is taken from the initial accuracy of the digital image. 

Coordinate Geometry
Geoprecision tech uses coordinate geometry keyboard-based method of spatial data entry for entering cadastral or land record data. This method is highly precise as entering the actual survey measurements of the property lines creates the database. Distances and bearings are entered into the GIS from the original surveyor plats. The GIS software builds the digital vector file from these values.​​

Data Conversion Paper to Digital


Geoprecision Tech provides consultancy in developing  GIS database and system for plantation (forestry, rice, and rubber) and other natural resources management system. 

Geoprecision Tech produce accurate data for GIS database. Data development and maintenance is time consuming, and labor intensive. We have several ways in which to bring spatial data into a GIS. The following are several subjects that we developed and update the GIS database for:

1- Environmental Management

2- Landscaping

3- Forestry

4- Rubber plantation

5- Oil palm plantation

6- Geology

7- Water catchment

8- Hydrology

9- Gold and coal mining

10- Coastal Management

11- Urban development

12. Rural development

13. Political Database

14. Etc based on requirement

Geoprecision Tech capturing, extracting, converting and generating and updating GIS database using the following methods. We capture data base on satellite remote sensing (radar, optical, high resolution data, LiDAR,  uav aerial photograph platform, GPS, paper map and internet. 

Digitizing Linearment From Radar data.

Digitizing Landuse From Satellite Data

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