Monitoring and Collecting point sources of water Pollution in Urban

River Pollution due to Land Development

geoprecision tech system development for water pollution management

Geoprecision Tech has developed a system for monitoring and collecting point sources of pollution in rivers, lakes, ponds, dam and others water bodies. water pollution, water way water contamination

Our waterways, rivers, creeks and lakes are an important environmental resource and keeping them clean and healthy is essential, especially when they lead to our bays and oceans. What are the causes of water pollution.  People throw rubbish away anyhow. People throw chemicals, oils, paints and medicines down the sink drain, or the toilet. In agriculture people over use chemicals and pesticides in their farm and gardens and farms. Thus, it increases runoff of the chemical into nearby water sources.

In fact, many industries are responsible for water pollution, for they dump their unwanted waste into our water systems. They dump garbage, waste water, industrial waste, oils, marine waste, medical waste and nuclear waste. As a result, harmful substances such as; asbestos, lead, mercury, nitrates, phosphates, sulfur, oils, petrochemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, dangerous drugs and litter contaminate our water systems

Therefore, the water pollution need to be monitored and map on real-time by governments and local councils. 

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