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rubber plantation in green from satellite data

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ec fast soil mapping 

Symptom of Attack Brown Plant Hopper

At early stage, circular yellow patches appears which soon turn brownish due to the dried up of the plants. If no controlled made, the patches of infestation may spread out and finally will covered the whole plot, and in fact the entire field.

Both the nymph and adult suck the plant sap.leading to hopper burn.


ganoderma disease

White rot fungi such as Ganoderma, are extraordinary organisms capable exclusively of degrading lignin to carbon dioxide and water: celluloses are then available as nutrients for the fungus. Oil palm (OP) is a highly significant crop in many countries and is prone to a rot caused by the fungus.


bag worm

Bagworms (Lepidoptera: Psychidae) are leaf eating caterpillars characterized by the possession of bag, which they build out of tough silk embedded with pieces of dried plant materials such as leaves and small twigs.  The common species found in oil palm plantation are Metisa lana(Walker), Pteroma pendula (Joannis) and Mahasena corbetti (Tams). In Peninsular Malaysia, M. plana is the most serious and dominant pest of oil palm.

rubber plantation in GREEN AND oil palm in red ON satellite data

rubber plantation from 200m 

OiL & GAS Environmental monitoring

GeoPrecision provides services in mapping, monitoring and analysis of environmental at oil and gas field.

oil palm plantationdesigning and planning

Geoprecision Tech provide services in designing new oil palm plantation and redesigning replanting oil palm plantation on flat land as well as undulating terrain according to RSPO.

precision agriculture

uav for oil palm precision agriculture

Since this region going towards lesser suitable land for oil palm plantation, precision farming practice in oil palm plantation is highly need to produce optimum productivity, product quality and economic returns. and minimized environmental impact and agricultural risk. With the advent of geo-spatial technologies comprises remote sensing (UAV), GIS and GPS, precision farming application is possible.

The five components of precision farming for oil palm plantation are measuring variability, analyzing variability, decision making, differential actions and assessment of results.

Measuring and analyzing the variability, recording spatial data and plotting maps, making right decision and applying the right amount of input at the right time is precision farming.

In tropical region, where 50 to 80 percent of the sky is covered with cloud, UAV with remote sensing sensors is more suitable than satellite remote sensing to collects data in the oil palm plantation. The spatial and point data are transformed into information and input into GIS for decision making.

Several information of oil palm plantation can be extracted from UAV remote sensing sensor are number of palm in the management block, crops health, infrastructure, landuse, palm disease etc. 

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Geoprecision tech BLOG

Geoprecision tech blog covers UAV, Oil palm plantation and other technologies. 

UAV  application for perenial tree crops like oil palm plantation and forest vegetation required high capability of flying endurance, and also required high resolution RGB and infra red camera for high flying altitude of about 1000 feet or more. Most of the oil palm plantations are large, more than 2000 hectare, and matured oil palm trees are tall, more than 30 meter. Therefore low capability UAV of 30 minutes to 45 minutes flying, are not suitable for large oil palm plantation. Fore these purpose it need longer our of flying and with higher GPS accuracy..

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