Geoprecision Tech Blog2-About training: Advanced Geospatial Technology Short Course 23-26 Jan 2017 FEES RM2000/person

The objective of this short course is to provide technical skills to use georeferenced data for the purpose of economic, educational, and social development. It is designed to provide participants with a range of key skills and expertise required to understand, analyse, and interpret geospatial dataset. In this course, participants will be exposed to the cutting edge of understanding from a range of subject areas of Web GIS applications, hyperspectral remote sensing and UAV applications taught by experience and skill experts. The course aims:

a- to promote participants with a strong theoretical and conceptual background of geospatial technologies.

b- to introduce participants to a range of technologies in a breadth of application contects ( such as forestry and agriculture etc)

c- to provide participants hands-on skill on software for processing and analyzing geospatial datasets, conveying new approaches to data procesing, analysis and interpretation as well as the use of innovative technologies.


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