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Geoprecision tech is selling several types of fertilizers, including compound of slow release fertilizers and strait fertilizers.

Types of fertilizers

Slow release fertilizers for oil palm are as follows:

- Fertilizer for matured oil palm          10: 3: 18: 3

- Fertilizer for mature oil palm            10: 3: 20: 4

- Fertilizer for young oil palm type1   10: 5: 20: 3

- Fertilizer for young oil palm type 2   10:3: 20: 4

- Fertilizer of young oil palm  type 3    10:6: 20:2

- Fertilizer for oil palm in peat soil       7: 5:30:  2

We can produce compound fertilizers based on your formulation, with minimum order 20 mt

Gred baja ini terbaik based on nutrients removal by Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB). You can try if you hesitated to use it if less confident and never regret. The fertilizer tested again 20 types of fertilizer from different company  and emerge the best one by RISDA. Developed by soil fertilities scientist over 38 years experience.

Application of the fertilizers:

1- Matured palm : 7 kg per palm per year

2- young palm 1- 3 kg

3- Multiple: 2-3 time of application per year

​Packaging in bag of 25 kg and 50 kg

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