1.​ Introduction to GPS

2. GPS Application for Forestry

3. GPS Applications for Plantation


4. GPS tracking system for fertilizer


5.. GPS tracking system for  forest

      plantation system

6. Real time GPS tracking system for




The Training Modules  Offered three times A year.

ICT Consulting For Forestry and Plantation. what is lidar

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Remote sensing Training

Geoprecision tech provides training in Remote Sensing, GIS application, and GPS applications. Remote sensing training include application for forestry, plantation management, forestry management, and radar satellite image processing. GIS application training will cover general GIS and GIS application for landscape, GIS application for oil palm management, and GIS for rubber plantation management. While GPS training covers GPS for forestry, plantation management, GPS tracking system for oil palm plantation, etc.

The duration of every module offered is two days. The date of the training offered are as follows:

First week of February,  October , and  December 

Please contact us for date conformation.

The application to attend the training course can be made by filling the request form below. 

​​The training will be conducted in several places in Kuala Lumpur and University Putra Malaysia.

Special training is possible by contacting our office.

Please contact our officer for the fees

Phone: +60 89939173

Remote Sensing


1. Introduction to Remote

    Sensing Application

2. Remote sensing Application for  


3. Remote Sensing Application for

    Plantation Management

4. Remote Sensing Application for

    Forest Plantation Management

5. Remote Sensing Application for


6. Radar Satellite Imagery processing




1- Introduction to GIS

2. Introduction To Arc GIS

3. GIS for Forestry Application


4. GIS Application for Landscape


5. GIS Application  Oil Palm Plantation


6. GIS Application Rubber Plantation