Geoprecision Tech satellite data

Geoprecision tech acts as a reseller of remotely sensed data from around the world. We assist you to understand technical details such as spectral, spatial and temporal resolution of the remote sensing data that you wanted acquire, ensuring you sourcing the right data for your project. We provide best price, saving time and money for users.

We presently offer remote sensing data from Charming Globe (China), SI Imaging Services (SiiS South Korea), Spacewill (China), Deimos (Spain), Capella (USA), and Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary (KGS Space Technologies) 


KazEOSat-1: Optical (RGB-NIR) PAN (1m) MS (4m) Revisit (2-3 days)

KazEOSat-2: Optical (RGB-NIR) Resolution (6.5m) Revisit 3 days)


KOMPSAT-2: Optical (RGB) PAN (1m) MS (4m)

KOMPSAT-3: Optical (RGB) PAN (0.5m) MS (2m)

KOMSAT-3A: Optical (RGB) PAN(0.4m) MS1.6m)

KOMPSAT-5: SAR C-Band (VV, HH, VH, HV) Resolution  (4.82m) Revisit 28 days

Deimos imaging

Deimos-1: Optical (RGB-NIR) MS (22m)

Deimos-2: Optical (RGB-NIR) PAN (1m) MS (4m) Revisit (4days)

Capella Space

Capella: SAR X-band (HH) SLC, Sliding Spotlight (AxS: 1 x 0.5m)

Capella: SAR X-band (HH) SLC, Stripmap (AxS: 1.7 x 1 m)

Capella: SAR X-band (HH) GEO, Spotlight (0.35 m)

Capella: SAR X-band (HH) GEO, Sliding Spotlight (0.6m)

Capella: SAR X-band (HH) GEO, Stripmap (1.2 m)

*Daily to hurly revisit



SuperView-1: Optical (RGB-NIR) Resolution (0.5 m) Revisit (2 days)

GF-2: Optical (RGB-NIR) Resolution 0.8m/3.2m) Revisit (5 days)

GF-1:Optical (RGB-NIR) Resolution (2m/8m) Revisit 4 days

ZY-3: Optical (RGB-NIR) Resolution (2.1m/3.6m/5.8m) Revisit (5days)

HJ-1A&B: Optical (RGB-NIR) Resolution (30m) Revisit (4days)


Jilin-1: Optical (RGB) PAN (0.72m) MS (2.88m) Revisit (3.3 days)

Jilin-1: Smart Video 01/02, Resolution (1.13m) Revisit 3.3 days)

Jilin-1: Stereo imaging, Resolution (4.7m) Resolution 3.3 days)

Jilin-1: Smart Video03, Resolution (0.92m)

Jilin-1: Full Range Spectrum 01/02, (20MS-NIR Bands 4SW,NW,LW) Resolution (5m), Revisit 2-3 days)

Jilin-1: GF 03A, Optical (RGB) PAN (1.06m), MS (4.24m)

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