6-River Survey: Certain light in LiDAR can penetrate water. Thus, LIDAR is used to measure under water properties. The information is required to understand depth, flow strength, width of the river and more. The cross section data extracted from LIDAR data (DEM) can be used to create a river model, which will create flood way and flood fringe map. In same way to understand sea under world, 

7-Urban Municipality: LIDAR is used by urban municipality to survey the city. As LIDAR is accurate and quick to survey. LiDAR can be used to monitor changes in the city, such as monitoring the public backyard, illegal building etc...Type your paragraph here.

DTM Data


Geoprecision tech LiDAR provide services in LiDAR capturing from fixed wind airborne platfom and UAV platform. What is LiDAR ? Lidar is light detection and ranging. It is an optical remote-sensing technique that uses laser light to densely sample the surface of the earth, producing highly accurate x,y,z measurements. Lidar, primarily used in airborne laser mapping applications, is emerging as a cost-effective alternative to traditional surveying techniques such as photogrammetry. Lidar produces mass point cloud datasets that can be managed, visualized, analyzed,  

LiDAR data is used in several application:

1-DEM (Elevation Value): DEM stands for digital elevation model which has z coordinates value along with x and y. Elevation values are used everywhere, in roads, building, bridge and other. It has made easy to capture the surface height.

2-Forest Planning and Management: LIDAR is used in the forest management. It is used to measure vertical structure of forest canopy and also used to measure and understand canopy bulk density and canopy base height. Other uses of the LIDAR in the forest industry is the measurement of the peak height to estimate its root expansion.

3-Precision Forestry: LiDAR is used to perform precision forestry. It is used for planning and operating the site specific forest area to increase the productivity of wood quality, reduce cost and increase profits, and maintain the environment quality. 

4-Tourism and Parks Management: LIDAR is used to generate DEM for planning the park and tourism area. High accurate land surface model helps to find the best area to have playground, trees and walking trail. Parks management is a big business. LIDAR data is used for  management.3D image of the park. 

5-Flood Model: LIDAR provides very accurate information. It is used to create high resolution and accurate surface model of the river. These extracted LIDAR information can be used for the 3D simulation for better planning of the structures or buildings on the river bank. In addition, LiDAR is used to create watershed area and stream line delineation. High and accurate DEM is the major input. With this method one can calculate watershed for the particular water channels and find out stream channel for over land flooding. 

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