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Forest Surveillance activities  

Forest species mapping

Rotary Drone Data capturing

Fixed Wing Drone Data Capturing

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​​​​​uav services - hIGH CAPABILITY

The uav can fly more than 1000 hectare per day. It suitable for large plantation


Geoprecision tech provide UAV services for oil palm plantation, forest management and environmental management. In addition Geoprecision tech provide services in palm tree counting, plantation designing, plantation labour tracking, plantation vehicle tracking, crop fertility mapping, and soil survey. Besides that,  geoprecision tech provides training in precision farming, remote sensing and GIS. 

Geoprecision tech forestry Management

GeoPrecision provides the following services:

1. Forest fire early warning and reporting system

2. Peat swamp forest monitoring (Near real-time) system

3. Illegal logging reporting and monitoring system

4. Forest park tracking system

5. Forest Biodiversity mapping and monitoring system

6. Timber volume estimation

7. Major forest species mapping

8. Biodiversity tracking system

9. Real-time GPS tracking system forestry activities

Geoprecision tech uav services-oil palm Plantation Management

​Soil Mapping

Geoprecision tech uav services for oil palm plantation, Geoprecision tech geoprecision tech forestry, Geoprecision tech geoprecision tech oil palm, environmental planning.uav forestry, geoprecision tech remote sensing services

1. Plantation evaluation- productivity

2. Plantation Infrastructure mapping and evaluation

3. Plantation crop health mapping and monitoring 

4. Topography and crop suitability mapping and


5. Plantation boundary encroachment

6. Plantation land use mapping

7. Plantation audit

8. Plantation yield prediction

9. Plantation designing for newly opening land

10. Redesigning replanting oil palm plantation

11. New research development for oil palm plantation

12. Agriculture disease and pest reporting system

13. UAV and GPS services for plantation area measurement

Geoprecision Tech Uav Services

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