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Oil Palm Plantation Infested by Bagworm

100 Hectares/day with Four Drones 

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Drone spraying 

Drone spraying for oil palm plantation. Bagworm spraying in oil palm plantation

Among the bagworm species occurring in oil palm plantations in Malaysia are Metisa plana Walker and Pteroma pendula Joannis (Lepidoptera: Psychidae). The outbreaks of these two species are recurring in several locations, particularly in the northern state of Perak and southern state of Johor, of Peninsular Malaysia. Serious damage to the palms can reduce yields up to 43% for subsequent two years

The benefits of crop spraying with a Drone Sprayers include a significant reduction in application cost, improvement in coverage and control through consistent application of the best suited droplet size for better penetration of crop canopy, decreased drift potential and evaporation, and greater adherence of chemical to the leaves.. The spray system was built to promote economically and ecologically in agricultural services. With drone spraying, oil palm diseases can be controlled.

Geoprecision Tech Sdn Bhd provide Drone insecticide spraying for bagworm control at the rate of 100 hectares per day at low cost