UAV Data Capturing

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Geoprecision tech: What is precision agriculture?

Optimizing yield production, and reducing fertilizer wastage through application at the right time, at the right location, and at the right quantity, besides other crop management practices, together with other technologies.

SOIL EC Mapping and data processing

"with precision we provide solution"

Soil Survey Mapping and Training for Precision Rice Agriculture 

Geoprecision tech: PRECISION agriculture, RICE


a- Soil EC mapping

b- UAV crop monitoring 

c- Soil survey mapping 

d- GPS and field data collection

e- Weather monitoring

f- GIS mapping and analysis

g- Fertilizer and pesticide applications

h- Yield harvester

Geoprecision tech - UAV DATA  

Geoprecision tech provides the following services:

1- Precision agriculture workshop and hand-on training on GIS and remote sensing data analysis

2- UAV data capturing for monitoring and mapping crop performance 

3- UAV data capturing for rive diseases outbreak

4- Training on EC soil data capturing and analysis

5- Hand-on training on soil survey data collection and soil GIS database development for precision agriculture

6- Developing real-time rice monitoring system

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