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We also provide in UAV photogrammetry and lidar mapping for generating products as follows:
DEM / DTM / DSM (surface models)
Orthophoto’s (geospatially corrected aerial images)
3D Building Models and volumetric surveys
Contour Maps and 3D vegetation modelling for plantation planning
Planemetric features such as road edges and heights, signs, building footprints, etc.
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geoprecision tech land surveying

Geoprecision tech provide land surveying services.

We provide the following services:
- Strata/Stratum Survey
- Subdivision, Partition and Amalgamation
- Topographical and detailed survey 
- Engineering Survey, Road and Route Survey
- Survey for Construction for Building, Bridge, Dam, etc.
- Mapping, Aerial Survey, UAV and LIDAR
- GNSS, GPS Survey, Heighting and Levelling
- Underground Utility and Hydrographic Survey
- GIS, LIS and SDI
- Land Development Project

- Cadastral Survey for issuance of title and reserve

-Land Acquisition Survey

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