Geoprecision tech oil and gas

Geprecision tech provide drone services for oil and gas industry in four major fields, namely

a- Tower inspection,

b-Security surveillance,

c-Search and Rescue operation.

d- GIS and Remote sensing for environmental monitoring and mapping

Inspecting the flaring stack gas processing plant used to be a hazardous and lengthy job. Engineers had to check for faults by abseiling down tall tower, forcing the plant to shut down take long time.

Today, we use remotely operated aerial vehicles drone  – to examine energy plants. The operation takes just a few hours, the plant keeps running and the engineers are kept safe.These multi-rotor or winged aircraft are equipped with a growing array of cameras and sensors. They can quickly and thoroughly examine parts of facilities that engineers would need to erect scaffolding, or abseil down, to see. GPS and gyroscopes can help keep them steady in windy locations, and allow operators to pre-program multiple shooting positions in the air

Tower Inspection.

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