geoprecision tech uav data capturing and information extraction

Geopreciaion tech sdn bhd provides uav data capturing of various scale based on flying height. Three fixed flying height 150m, 200m and 250m. One could make a request  of different height.The geoprecision tech uav data are three types, there are normal photography data, infrared data and DSM data.Geoprecision tech sdn bhd will only take-up a project of area about 1000 ha.using Fixed wing uav. A project area of less than 1000 ha, we will do data capturing by roto uav. 


Geoprecision tech sdn bhd will provide three types of data set, 

a) Raw data

b) Mosiac data

c) Mosaic data with GPS corrected (geocoded data).


Geoprecision tech sdn bhd other services, information extraction from the uav data.

a) Palm tree counting

b) Plantation inventory

c) Detail land use mapping in urban area

d) Infrastructure mapping

e) Crop health

f) Forest mapping

h) Hydrology mapping

i) Geological mapping

j) Rice disease monitoring and mapping

k) Fruit crop mapping

l) Urban population survey

m) Dam survey

n) Infrastructure planning

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