Felda -mapping bagworm using


GPT has several staffs and consultants in Plantation, Forestry, Geomatic, IT, Environmental management, Remote Sensing, GIS, UAV and programming.


  1. UAV data capturing for oil palm plantation, Rubber plantation, forestry, Urban, Hydrology, Land use, Water quality, infrastructure, highway, Energy, Engineering, Landscaping, and golf course.

  2. Oil Palm plantation inventory, crop health mapping, plantation infrastructure, 

  3. Soil survey: semi-D, Detail soil survey, reconnaiscance soil mapping, soil crop suitability survey 

  4. System development for oil palm plantation, rice, rubber, forestry
  5. Provide training in remote sensing, GIS, GPS, Drone flying, satellite image processing, 

  6. Mapping of forest type, timber species, plantation forest

  7. Providing  LiDAR data, drone multispectral data, value added high resolution satellite data

  8. Oil & gas- We provide services in oil and gas industry in the filed of a- Tower inspection, b-Security surveillance 
    c-Search and Rescue operation.
    d- GIS and Remote sensing for environmental monitoring and mapping

Development of Rice management for MADA

Forest Mapping and Updating For Jabatan Hutan Semenanjung Malaysia

JPSM- Forest Fire 

Felda - Palm tree counting 

SIME DARBY --Drone multi-spectral data

Services in Forestry are as follows:

Plantation Forest management, Monitoring illegal logging. And Forest species inventory

Soil Survey for Ladang Rakyaat

Soil Mapping For Ladang Rakyat

Soil mapping for Oil Palm Plantation Development for MPOB

Resources of expertise in GPT are:

Dr Laili has long experience  working in the Department of Agriculture, Malaysia Remote sensing Centre; and several private companies related to application of remote sensing, UAV, GIS and GPS for oil palm inventories as Technical director.  Since working with the private sectors and government agencies, he  has provided services to several big and small plantation such as Felda Sahabat, Tradewinds in Sarawak, Malaysian Timber Industry Board, Felcra, Risda, MPOB, Duta Land, JPSM, JPS, Felda Bukit Rokan, Felda Jelai, Plantation in Gua Musang, Plantation in Pahang, Ladang Rakyat Terengganu, LGM, Albaha in Saudi Arabia, Plantation in Indonesia.

Dr Alias has long experience working in the Department of Forestry and UPM as:

Head as Head of GIS and Remote Sensing Division

Remote Sensing at ASEAN Institute of Forest Management

Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Forestry, UPM

Consultant at Aeroscan Precision Sdn Bhd

Mr Aziz has long experience in plantation advisory

Mr Ismail has long time experience in Forestry and ARCGIS

Dr Saim has long time experience in hydrology

Dr Jasmi has long time experience in Geosciences

Ir Choo has long tine  experience in environmental evaluation

Mr Ishaq has great experience in forestry and Ganoderma 

Mr Nuhairi has great experience in Forestry and satellite image processing, automatic palm tree counting

Mr Luqman has great experience in Forestry, GIS and Drone

Mr Ameer has great experience forestry, environmental GIS 

Mr Zulfigar has great experience in programming

Mr Amirul Izam has great experience in Geomatics and drone flying

Mr Ishak Alias has great experience in soil survey/soil mapping

Dr Hj Esmawi Othman specialist in Agriculture and Marketing 

Dr Bruce Forster Remote sensing specialist

MR Uduh Sunday Geologist and Environmental Management specialist

Datuk Jabar Shaik Mohaamad Mohideen

Dato Wan Deraman Wan Abdullah . Rice plantation specialist

Mr Khairuddin Tahir. Rice specialist


Quarry Evaluation and Mapping for JMG

Remote Sensing for Rubber Plantation  Mapping for LGM

System Management Development for MTIB.

Geoprecision Tech (GPT) is specialize in application of ICT, UAV, satellite Remote Sensing, GIS for Agriculture, Forestry. And in addition, doing also soil mapping, oil & gas and environmental application.

The company was established in 2014, registration number 1095025-H.

Services in Agriculture are as follows:

Plantation Inventory, Soil survey,Land use / Land cover monitoring and mapping. Monitoring and mapping crop disease in oil palm , rice and rubber.

Drone Flying for Department of Forest Pahang

AlBaha University, Mapping and  evaluation wild olive using remote sensing and GIS

Forest Mapping and Updating For  Sarawak Forest Cooperation


Since formation we  have provide services to several Government agencies, private sectors, local and International

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