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Paddy Growth status: Green is healthy paddy

Geoprecision Tech: MySmart Padi 

​MySMARTPadi is an integrated system specially design to realize the ultimate goal to increase rice production and farmers income. It could be used in large scale paddy production, such as under the large-scale paddy cultivation program that is the SMART SSB (Smart Sawah Skala Besar) initiated by the Government of Malaysia.

MySMARTPadi is developed by an experienced expert and talented professional in the field of precision technology and rice technology residing under the Geoprecision Tech Sdn Bhd.

This package of precision technology for rice cultivation and management is formulated through the integration of 4.0IR encompassing satellite, drone, IoT and GIS.

The system is make up of three components: 

  • Field data collection, analysis and mapping.
  • Web base system “10 ton padi dot com” (MySMARTPadi)
  • Apps​
  • We Offer:

Application of digital tools in rice management with the ultimate target is to secure an average yield of 10 tan/ha from every parcel of rice field planted.
In this respect, we are offering a practical solution to increase rice production by addressing precisely and timely the critical limiting factors by transforming and add value to the conventional approach of Best Management Practices (BMP) by integrating them on user friendly IoT platform. This, to be used in planning, managing and monitoring crop planting schedule, growth performance and as well as to undertake corrective actions as required to produce the targeted yield.

Our Strength

  • Lead by local experts in precision technology with proven track records and supported by personalities with vast experience in rice crop and related field.
  • Local company with global network
  • Fast track and ready to go
  • Very competitive price due to local resources


  • People centric and accessible to key players i.e. management team, farmers, relevant government agencies and service providers
  • Interactive
  • Able to tract to individual farmer and lot.
  • Effective, timely and accurately monitoring of crop growth and to be used as tool to diagnose crop problems related to field conditions, agronomic practices, pests, diseases, weeds, nutrients deficiency and toxicity. IRRI has indicated more than 80 related problems that could cause more than 30% economic lost to the farmers.

Monitoring of Crop Growth 

Mysmartpadi system

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