Geoprecision tech Geology in quarry mapping

Geoprecision tech provide services of UAV data capturing, quarry mapping, geology or geoscience.The data is used to measure several parameters such as calculation of rock taken from the quarry, etc

For other services, Geoprecision tech provides improved radar data for lineament mapping and updating of geological features

Radar Images over land, besides used for geology, it is used to infer information on land cover and vegetation types - as an active sensor, SAR has the ability to penetrate cloud cover and see through local darkness. In addition, multiple polarisations can be applied to enhance sensitivity and add 'colour' to a scene.

Radar Interferometry data is used to record the phase shift between 2 SAR images acquired over the same spot slightly different times, thereby providing accurate information on subsidence and geological activity, down to millimetre-scale accuracy


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