Precision agriculture for perennial and annual  crops

1- Precision agriculture for oil palm plantation

2- Precision agriculture for Mango plantation

3- Precision agriculture for rubber plantation

4- Precision agriculture for oil palm plantation, using precision agriculture drones .

precision agriculture 

In some countries, Precision agriculture is growing rapidly from its infancy maturity. Driven by advancements in data management, precision agriculture has a remarkable impact on traditional approaches to agriculture practices. 

Applying technological developments in data collection and GPS tracking, precision agriculture uses technology to optimize yield and detect operating efficiencies as well as deficiencies. Precision agriculture applications guide plantation manager about the right time to apply the right amount of fertilizers and other chemical inputs, and the right time to plant and harvest for better yield production.

There fore Precision agriculture is generally defined as information and technology based agriculture management system to identify, analyse, and manage variability within plantations, for example oil palm plantations and rice fields, for optimum profitability, sustainability, and protection of resources. 

To make agriculture practice effective, information technology based products can be be used for enabling better decision about various aspects of crop production.

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Geoprecision tech sdn bhd provides technical support for development of precision agriculture:

1- Precision agriculture data development

2- Remote sensing information extraction and analysis

3- Soil fertility database development

4- GIS Decision support system

5- GPS database collection system

6- Disease database decision support system.

7- Yield prediction system

Data Collection and Information Technology

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