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Geoprecision Tech

Geoprecision tech has developed several products such as geoprecision tech uav services, geoprecision tech soil mapping, geoprecision tech oil palm,  geoprecision tech forestry management, and geoprecision tech UAV data capturing services, Geoprecision tech tracking system, Geoprecision tech precision agriculture, Geoprecision tech uav data capturing. and geoprecision tech palm plantation management.

Besides, the above procucts, Geoprecision tech provide services, such as Geoprecision tech survey, Geoprecision tech GPS tracking, crop reporting system, UAV data capturing,  training in plantation management based on geospatial technologies for precision farming. uav data capturing​


Geoprecision provides indoor and outdoor training for Remote Sensing and GIS

Plantation Management

Geoprecision tech sdn bhd offers services for plantation GIS Database .Development

Crop Reporting system

We develop near-real time crops health reporting system for paddy, Oil palm, etc 

Analysis & Strategy

Our experts are skilled with a variety types of ICT application developments.

Forestry system DEV.

Geoprecision tech sdn bhd analyzes your data to develop new reporting system 

precision agriculture

Geospatial technologies and other technologies for agriculture productions.


We provide services of aerial photography, multi-spectral data capturing for plantation

Forestry applications

We develop systems for forest fire, illegal logging, plantation forest monitoring etc .

GPS Tracking system

GeoPrecision Customize GPS Tracking System for Plantation and Forestry app.

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